Prayer Changes Everything

Have you ever heard the expression, “Prayer Changes Everything?” Sometimes that doesn’t mean some big miracle is going to take away all our problems, but rather that a time of quiet reflection, meditation, and lifting the burdens of others can change our perspective and offer hope and peace!
Operation Love Ministries has been blessed with so many community members that have volunteered to pray for any requests that we receive (and will even call if you’d like someone to talk and pray with!)
If you have a moment today and would like to stop and think of these requests from our neighbors, please let them know they are not alone by commenting below.
– M. – Family
– M. – Everything
– P. – Moving around every two weeks
– K. – Daughter has cancer
– D. – Family, son is out of control
– N. – The whole world; health
– W. – Strength, encouragement, and comfort
– R. – Health
Dealing with people
M Family
A A in prison; for her to be well
H General
A Husband’s mental health
D Husband’s health
M For herself and her children
A General
S No electric in her home; overwhelmed
A Overwhelmed; physical pain; Husband ill
A Lost her brother
A General
P Hard time; overwhelmed
A Unspoken
J Unspoken
A General
V Son has mental health issues
D Housing
C Husband’s hip health
L 6 children in her home; general
E General health
S General
J Daughter in hospital
H General
D General
S Has 3 little boys; her health
Is you have a need or would like prayer, please contact us at 765-644-2121 and one of our Operation Love Ministries Team members would be happy to assist you.

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